Technology and Production of Paper and Cardboard





It is known that in the first period of the next academic year (September-December 2020) the training activities of the master’s degree will be delivered remotely through the official platforms (MS Teams / Google Meet). For more information, please see the document “Modes for the resumption of Lessons in the first semester 2020-2021” on the engineering school’s website. For details on each course, please see the exams portal in the “Online Lessons” section.


The most recent evolution of the modern manufacturing industry, which has taken over with increasing complexity and extreme integration between different engineering and scientific areas, has highlighted the need to form balanced professional figures, in which the pursuit of high specialization in a specific sector can be balanced and harmonized by adequate interdisciplinary training to enable the understanding, design, management and governance of complex and certainly broad-spectrum processes. The paper and cardboard industry, together with the induced it generates and supports, fully share these characteristics and have the same problems and needs.

In terms of technical and professional skills, these needs are further amplified by the growing complexity of the legislation and technical regulations of the sectors involved. In fact, because of the strong impact of this type of industry on resources and the environment, particular importance is now covered by the themes of sustainability and circular economy, through which the optimal use of the scarce available resources is pursued, their correct recycling and, in summary, a more harmonious integration of industrial complexes with modern social fabric. This adds a rapid evolution of technical skills in relation to the technologies enabling for the new paradigm of Industry 4.0, starting from digitization of machines and processes, up to their complete integration. Based on the above concepts, it is evident that a properly conceived training path should aim at the formation of a specific professional figure for the paper and cardboard industry, which possess knowledge and competences borrowed by different and complementary disciplines.

The request of designers and managers able to effectively carry out the functions of integration and coordination of the various specialist functions is continuously growing. Graduates who can meet these important needs are ideally placed in the LM33 class of Mechanical Engineering, but also require in-depth and specific knowledge and competences arising from the design, management and maintenance of the chemical processes involved (LM22, class of Chemical Engineering), automation and digitization, energy and the circular economy. Accordingly, the proposed Master Degree represents the ideal combination for the training of young engineers with the necessary skills to understand and manage the processes of production and processing of paper and cardboard and to define the characteristics and technical specifications of the machines and equipment necessary for the realization of the processes themselves. Integration and multidisciplinary work can guarantee new professional outlets and, moreover, interesting consequences on the scientific and productive world, both in terms of research and technological transfer of knowledge and technology.