The research at DICI: multiscale engineering for a sustainable development 

“Engineering from the atom up” 

The Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering adopts a specific strategy of responsible research and innovation that aims to bring science and technology closer, also in its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary dimension, to the community of reference and to society as a whole in order to pursue sustainable development objectives.

Much of modern engineering research is inherently multiscale by nature. The main objective of this approach is to connect the understanding of the physical and chemical world on a very small scale (nanoscale or molecular) with the observable performance of the macroscopic systems used by society.

In these general areas are placed the research topics covered by the Department’s activity and scientific production and summarized as follows:

and in the general areas:

The information on the research activities of the department are reported in alphabetical order and classified on the basis of the general area (s) and themes. Numerous institutional projects (European, National, Regional, University) are also underway, obtained through competitive tenders.

Research approach: experimentation and simulation

Modern research in engineering cannot fail to combine experimental experience with numerical modeling and the simulation of the behavior and performance of the systems studied. In DICI experimental facilities and modeling and numerical simulation laboratories are at the service of research activities. Sophisticated and avant-garde instruments allow excellent performances, also alongside prestigious companies and with authoritative research centers, in Italy and worldwide.

Laboratories and facilities

DICI has the capability to perform experimental research at different scales, from the nanoscale to the system. The main labs and facilities are the following:

  • Electronic microscopes (SEM, TEM)
  • Nuclear and radiation protection lab
  • Chemical, Biochemical, Spectroscopic labs
  • Characterization laboratories of the properties of materials (metallic, polymeric, composites, biomaterials, building materials) on different scales, for civil and industrial applications.
  • Microreactors, microdevices, sensors
  • Wind tunnel and flight mechanics
  • Testing on system components (mechanics, biomechanics,  aerospatial, structural civil, etc.)
  • Pilot plants and full-scale facilities (process engineering, vehicols, energy systems, nuclear plants,  )

Calculation and simulation

Calculation codes and simulators are available at DICI, both internally and commercially developed, for the multiscale / multiphysics simulation of the studied systems (CFD, process simulation, finite elements, structural models, etc.).



Scientific publications

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  • collaborazione con altri dipartimenti