Laboratorio di Fluidodinamica Computazionale Multifase e Reattiva


The laboratory is equipped with different CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) codes, as:

  • ANSYS® Fluent
  • OpenFOAM
  • XDEM

Hardware facilities consist of:

  • Clusters up to 128 cores;
  • Access to HPC CINECA facilities through competitive grants.

Principali attività di ricerca e progetti

  • Utilization of alternative fuels as NG/H2 blends/syngas for the transition to a decarbonized fuel in both industrial and domestic applications with focus on innovative combustion technologies as MILD (flameless) combustion. CFD plays a key role, but its application is very challenging because of the need to revise and improve existing models.
    • Aminian, J., Galletti, C., Tognotti, L. Impact of sub-grid scale models on resolving mixing and thermal shear layers in large eddy simulation of JHC flames (2019) Applied Thermal Engineering, 149, pp. 1244-1254.
  • Fundamental analysis and technological solutions for process intensification using microreactors. Microreactors ensure an unprecedented control of process conditions, thus allowing chemical reactions to be carried out with higher yields, less wastes and energy as well as safer conditions with respect to conventional batch/semi-batch processes used for drug or chemical synthesis. CFD helps to comprehend the mixing and reaction process and the microscale, to face technological barriers.
    • Galletti, C., Brunazzi, E., Mauri, R. Unsteady mixing of binary liquid mixtures with composition-dependent viscosity (2017) Chemical Engineering Science, 164, pp. 333-343.
  • Development of decision support systems (DSS) through advanced simulations for safety and environmental impact assessment Advanced numerical simulations may provide a deep insight and quantitative estimates of the potential impacts due to air pollution and noxious gas releases from industrial facilities.
      • Rum, A., Landucci, G., Galletti, C. Coupling of integral methods and CFD for modeling complex industrial accidents (2018) Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 53, pp. 115-128.


  • Improving utilization of renewable energy sources CFD may help improving combustion technologies for energy generation from biomass in terms of efficiency and pollutant emissions.
    • Patronelli, S., Antonelli, M., Tognotti, L., Galletti, C. Combustion of wood-chips in a small-scale fixed-bed boiler: Validation of the numerical model through in-flame measurements (2018) Fuel, 221, pp. 128-137.