Advanced ceramic materials for the energy sector

Several strategies for mitigating climate change have been proposed worldwide by various intergovernmental organizations, such as IEA – International Energy Agency – and DECC – Department of Energy and Climate Change. These strategies include improvements in energy efficiency, and wider deployment of renewable energy, nuclear energy, cleaner transport technologies, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) or carbon capture and utilization (CCU) technologies that can be applied to power generation and industrial processes using fossil fuels to lower their carbon intensity.

The research activity looks at these energy sector challenges and is aimed at the synthesis of a lithium-based ceramic material, which could be used for applications in the energy field for CO2 mitigation.

Main activities on this topic: -production and validation of lithium orthosilicate (Li4SiO4) as solid sorbent for post-combustion CO2 capture at high temperature -development of a forming technique for producing Li4SiO4 pebbles to use as breeding material for nuclear fusion reactors

Li4SiO4 pebbles

Research group: Prof. Monica Puccini, Prof. Rosa lo Frano, Dr. Eleonora Stefanelli, Prof. Sandra Vitolo, Prof. Donato Aquaro

Main publications:

Puccini, M., Stefanelli, E., Seggiani, M., Vitolo, S., Removal of CO2 from flue gas at high temperature using novel porous solids (2016), Chemical Engineering Transactions, 47: 39-144

Lo Frano, R., Puccini, M., Stefanelli, E., Del Serra, D., Malquori, S., Manufacturing technology of ceramic pebbles for breeding blanket (2018), Materials, 11(5): article number 718

Stefanelli, E., Puccini, M., Vitolo, S., Seggiani, M., CO2 sorption kinetic study and modeling on doped-Li4SiO4 under different temperatures and CO2 partial pressures (2020), Chemical Engineering Journal, 379: article number 122307