BARC: Benchmark on the Aerodynamics of a Rectangular 5:1 Cylinder

Tall buildings, towers and bridges can be modelled by a rectangular cylinder, which despite its relatively simple geometry contains most of the difficulties found in realistic bluff bodies. In spite of the simple geometry, the flow is complex: flow separation at the upstream corners,  unsteady reattachment on the cylinder side, vortex shedding from the downstream corners.

Main research activities on this topic:

  • benchmarking of numerical and experimental studies: BARC benchmark
  • accuracy and reliability of LES simulations
  • effects of corner rounding
  • numerical and experimental analysis of the shear-layer dynamics

Research group
Maria Vittoria Salvetti, Alessandro Mariotti, Benedetto Rocchio, Elena Pasqualetto.

External collaborations: Luca Bruno, Politecnico di Torino, Claudio Mannini, Università di Firenze, The ERCOFTAC Knowledge Base Wiki

Main publications: