Experimental dynamic characterization

Bladed wheel dynamic characterization is a crucial issue to avoid resonance excitations. The experimental activity is essential to validate the models and to account for manufacturing imperfections, which may cause relevant mistuning of the components. The research activity is focused on the development of two test benches aimed at performing both experimental modal analysis and experimental harmonic response analysis. The first task is faced through an anthropomorphic robotic station, equipped with a single-point Laser Doppler Vibrometer. The setup allows to perform automatic measurements, which drastically increase positioning accuracy and shorten testing time. The second task is faced through a dedicated test bench equipped with a shaker for each blade. The shaker themselves were developed to guarantee the needed performances. The test bench is controlled by electronic equipment which implement a closed loop control to guarantee the proper excitation of the structures. Both the test benches were developed to operate in the high frequency range, from 1 kHz to 10 kHz.

Experimental modal analysis test bench
Harmonic response analysis test bench

Research group
Paolo Neri, Ciro Santus, Leonardo Bertini

Main publications:

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