Multiphase flow dynamics via phase-field modelling

The dynamic behaviour of multiphase flow systems is key in many chemical engineering applications. Phenomena such as phase separation, droplet coalescence and breakup require a fundamental description of the interplay between mixture thermodynamics, flow field, heat and species transport. We apply phase-field modelling coupled to non-equilibrium thermodynamics to describe the dynamics of fluid suspensions and emulsions in complex and unsteady conditions, such as temperature and/or velocity gradients.

Main activities on this topic:

  • finite-element simulations of spinodal decomposition
  • dynamics of mixing/de-mixing in complex flow conditions
  • derivation of constitutive equations of coupled heat and mass transport

Research group
Prof. Roberto Mauri, Prof. Chiara Galletti, Dr. Antonio Bertei

External collaborations:
Dr. Chih-Che Chueh, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan)
Prof. Neima Brauner and Prof. Amos Ullmann, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
Prof. Luca Brandt, KTH (Sweden)


  • Theoretical, Numerical and Experimental Study of Liquid-Liquid Interfacial Effects for the Development of Micromixers, 2010-2012, MIUR, PRIN2009

Main publications: