Noise Efficiently REduced by recycleD pavEments (NEREiDE)

The LIFE NEREiDE project wants to demonstrate the use of new porous asphalt pavements and low noise surfaces composed by recycled asphalt pavements and crumb rubber from scrap tires. These materials are mixed with binders at warm temperatures to produce warm mixture asphalt pavements with specific benefits:

  1. to reduce the disposal of waste materials, that by this way will be recycled, and to reduce the use of virgin materials (promote resource efficiency and waste management);
  2. to achieve acoustical performance better than those currently available, allowing a significant reduction of noise in urban areas and health improvement;
  3. to improve safety in urban areas by obtaining draining and good textured surfaces;
  4. to improve air pollution due to asphalt laying.

The experimental activities will lead to the development of specific guidelines to be used by Road Administrations in preparing specifications for the construction of new porous asphalt, low-noise and low carbon footprint road surfaces. Guidelines will be developed in order to upgrade and to improve the methods currently available to assess the effectiveness of low noise road surfaces in urban areas.

The dissemination of these guidelines will enhance the use of such surfaces at EU level and the achievements of the main aims in other contexts.

Research group
Pietro Leandri, Massimo Losa, Patrizia Rocchio, Laurent D’Onofrio

External collaborations:
ARPAT – Agenzia regionale per la protezione ambientale della Toscana
Belgian Road Research Centre (BRRC)
CNR – IDASC Istituto di Acustica e Sensoristica “Orso Mario Corbino”- Roma


Finanziamento Europeo nell’ambito del programma LIFE 2015

Main publications:

  • P. Leandri, M. Losa, P. Rocchio. Life NEREiDE: new low noise pavement surfaces, 24th International Congress on Sound and Vibration – ICSV24, 23-17 July 2017, pp. 2679-2686.
  • P. Leandri, M. Losa, P. Rocchio. New Low Noise Pavement Surfaces by the use of Crumb Rubber. Euronoise 2018 – Conference Proceedings, (2018), ISSN 2226-5147, pp. 2679-2686.
  • P. Leandri, P. Rocchio, M. Losa. A SWOT analysis of innovative high sustainability pavement surfaces containing crumb rubber modifier. International Journal of Road materials and Pavement Design, Special Issue, 2019 (in press).