Scale-up of reactive systems and characterization of hazardous materials

Experimental assessment of hazardous chemical reactions and scale up of industrial processes

  • Determination of the heat evolved and the pressure developed during an uncontrolled exothermic runaway reaction
  • Low phi-factor testing
  • Scale up of reactive processes and hazard assessment

Key data obtained:

  • Exothermic ‘onset’ temperature
  • Heat release (or temperature rise)
  • Pressure increase
  • Kinetic data
  • Determination of venting behaviour (gassy, vapour, hybrid)
  • Determination of flow regime (two-phase or single phase)
  • Support to emergency relief venting sizing
Adiabatic decomposition performed on BPO (15% wt solution in toluene)

Research group
Prof. Gabriele Landucci, Dr. Federica Barontini, Prof. Cristiano Nicolella


Regione Toscana (Bando Unico R&S n.2009DUA/526090469/1).

Main publications:

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