Security risk and vulnerability assessment for critical installations

External acts of interference may cause severe accidents in critical installations, such as chemical clusters and process plants. The integration between safety and security is a critical and interdisciplinary issue; the research is aimed at developing innovative approaches for the risk and vulnerability assessment of chemical and process plants affected by external acts of interference.

Main activities:

  • Quantitative assessment of attractiveness and vulnerability of chemical facilities to external acts of interference;
  • Probabilistic risk analysis, implementation of integrated safety and security barriers;
  • Development of strategies for the mitigation of accident scenarios caused by external acts of interference;
  • Characterization of the impact of improvised explosives devices (IED).
Vulnerability map (1% lethality level) obtained for the consequences of an IED terrorist attack inside a chemical facility
Bayesian network for the estimation of the likelihood contribution to security risk

Research group
Prof. Gabriele Landucci

External collaborations:
University of Leiden (the Nethelands)
TU Delft (the Netherlands)


“iNTeg-Risk – Early Recognition, Monitoring, and Integrated Management of Emerging, New Technology related, Risks”, 2008-2013

Main publications:

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