Steel EAF Slag process optimization for their Recycle and Reuse

Recently, the countries which are more concerned with environmental protection (European Union countries, USA, Japan, etc.), are following two main routes for handling steel mill by-products: the development and application of innovative and more efficient technologies to decrease liquid, solid, and gaseous emissions; and the valorization of the waste materials (in accordance with the Zero Waste Philosophy) both for the recovery of the valuable fractions (e.g., ZnO from the EAF dust) and to enhance, after treatments, the material properties for their reuse as building materials. The recycling of the steel slag as an alternative to the common construction  materials is becoming a usual practice all around the world.

Motivation of the research

  • Recovery and processing of slag and slag-products coming from steel production cycle
  • Recovery of valuable metals during modification process
  • Recovery of valuable metals from other residues (filtration residues, refractories, etc.)


  • Material characterization (chemical – Leaching test – SEM- EDX , etc.)
  • Numerical simulation of the slag process
  • Life Cycle and risk assessment of different slag process and reuse

Research group

Prof. Leonardo Tognotti,
Prof. Cristiano Nicolella,
Dott.ssa Federica Barontini

External collaborations:


  • Riva Acciai Realizzazione di uno studio volto al miglioramento nella gestione delle scorie prodotte dal forno EAF e destinate ad attività di recupero,
  • Acciai Speciali Terni Tender internazionale: Progettazione e realizzazione, in vista del successivo possibile ottenimento in affidamento, del servizio integrato di gestione, recupero e commercializzazione di scorie provenienti dal ciclo di produzione dell’acciaio inossidabile