Towards overcoming of technical barriers of recovery processes to produce high quality secondary raw materials from lithium-ion batteries

DICI, in particular the chemical and materials engineering section, has been involved in international and national research projects concerning different aspects of primary and secondary raw material cycle that can have considerable impacts in the supply chain, such as product design phase, production processes, consumption patterns and so on. The issues were, among others,
better product design that can make products easier to be disassembled and recycled and hence can help recyclers to recover valuable materials and components;
develop of products making sure that significant quantities of recycled materials and/or of re-used components are integrated into new products;
adjustments/optimisation of the production processes and advanced work with the material/component supply chain to reduce the quantity of generated waste;
• development of high quality Secondary Raw Materials recovery strategies and processes from industrial wastes.

Motivation of the project
• Provide information on circularity, including secondary raw materials inventories, stocks and flows
• Support the EU System in the development of guidelines (methodological, based on sound techno-economical basis) and quality standards for secondary raw materials in order to increase the confidence of operators in the single market;
• Explore the potentials for technical standardization of LIB designs and use of the results in other policy applications

• Literature survey and recovery process/plant definition and preliminary design
• Numerical simulation of the major processes through detailed solution of heat and material balances.
• Assessment of the environmental impact of the

Research group

Prof. Leonardo Tognotti,
Prof. Cristiano Nicolella,
Prof. Sandra Vitolo,
Prof. Elisabetta Brunazzi,
Prof. Gabriele Pannocchia,
Prof. Monica Puccini

External collaborations:

Activities on raw materials for batteries between University of Pisa and the JRC


Fondi di Ateneo, PRA,
Residui di progetti commerciali

Main publications:

Tognotti L. (2019); Strengthening the knowledge-base on sustainability aspects of raw material supply chains: the role of a research institution, Third RMIS workshop, Joint Research Center, Ispra, June 2019