Fatigue Strength of COLD-formed structural steel details

The European Logistic industry is an important sector for the competiveness of the European market. Cold-formed steel sections used for warehouses and rack structures guarantee fiexible, economic and sustainable solutions. These types of structures are subject to high amount of load cycles and dynamic loads caused by the S/R-machines than may cause fatigue failure of steel constructions. The project aims at developing fatigue design rules for cold-formed steel members and their connections and at generating a classification of cold-formed structural steel details according to their fatigue strength, similar to those given in EN 1993-1-9 (for thick-walled, hot-rolled steel details), which are urgently needed for the safe design of rack structures for present and future demands. Within a wider perspective, FASTCOLD can be considered as a “pre-normative” research aimed to bridging the normative gaps about cold-formed steel elements.

The roll-forming process 3D Finite Element model.
Plastic strain occurred during roll-forming
Unfolding flower of forming process

Principal investigator

Gruppo di ricerca
Ivan Panzera, Andrea Piscini


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