LASer TEchnology for Innovative CONnections in steel construction

Circular Hollow Sections (CHS) represent several advantages, such as uniform behavior in all directions, possibility to obtain composite behavior by concrete infill, hence high strength, stability and good fire resistance. Moreover, their aesthetic appeal is a great potential for decision maker’s (architect, building owner) attention. However, they are not widely adopted in practice due to the complexity and high cost of their joint details. LASTEICON proposes simpler joint solutions with reduced fabrication costs, to be adopted between CHS-columns and I-beams, making use of Laser Cutting Technology (LCT). Extendibility of the solution to other construction applications will be also investigated.

Principal investigator

Gruppo di ricerca
Francesco Morelli, Andrea Piscini and Walter Salvatore


LASTEICON (2017-2020) “LASer TEchnology for Innovative CONnections in steel construction” is a European Reaserch Project funded by the Research Fund for Coal Steel (RFCS) research project.

External partners:
Rheinisch-Westfaelische Techniche Hochshule (RWTH) Aachen (Germany)
Institut National Des Sciences Appliquees (INSA) Rennes (France)
Fincon Consulting Italia Srl (Italy)
Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) Lisboa (Portugal)
Universiteit Hasselt (Belgium)
Officina Carpenteria Metallica (OCAM) srl (Italy)
Vallourec Deutschland GMBH Düsseldorf (Germany)

Piscini A., Morelli, F., Salvatore W. Studies on the behavior of steel beam-to-column joints realized by using laser cutting technology, ECEE 2018 Proceedings of the 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 18-21 giugno 2018, Salonicco, Grecia.

Piscini A., Morelli F., Salvatore W. Connessioni innovative tra travi a sezione aperta e colonne tubolari eseguite grazie all’impiego del taglio laser. CTA 2019. XXVII Congresso del Collegio dei Tecnici dell’Acciaio, 3-5 ottobre 2019, Bologna, Italia.